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What will you learn?

  • 1. Understanding the Digital Landscape
    2. Evolution and Significance of Digital Marketing
    3. Key Components: SEO, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing, Content Marketing
  • 1. Basics of Website Creation and Structure
    2. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Principles
    3. Mobile Optimization and Responsiveness
  • 1. On-Page SEO Techniques (Meta Tags, Content Optimization)
    2. Off-Page SEO Strategies (Link Building, Guest Blogging)
    3. Keyword Research and Analysis Tools
  • 1. Setting Up and Managing Google Ads Campaigns
    2. Ad Copywriting and A/B Testing
    3. Budgeting and Bid Strategies
  • 1. Platform Overview (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.)
    2. Content Creation and Calendar Planning
    3. Paid Advertising on Social Media Platforms
  • 1. Building Effective Email Campaigns
    2. Segmentation and Personalization Strategies
    3. Automation Tools and Workflows
  • 1. Content Planning and Strategy Development
    2. Content Distribution and Amplification
    3. Analytics and Measurement of Content Performance
  • 1. Google Analytics Setup and Configuration
    2. Key Metrics and KPIs for Campaign Evaluation
    3. Data-Driven Decision Making
  • 1. Landing Page Design and Optimization
    2. A/B Testing and Conversion Funnel Analysis
    3. User Behavior Tracking and Heatmaps
  • 1. Implementing CRM Systems for Customer Segmentation
    2. Automating Marketing Workflows and Follow-Ups
    3. Lead Nurturing and Drip Campaigns
  • 1. Understanding Brand Sentiment and Customer Feedback
    2. Competitor Analysis and Market Trends
    3. Crisis Management through Social Listening
  • 1. Introduction to Programmatic Advertising
    2. Setting Up Remarketing Campaigns
    3. Ad Exchange Platforms and DSPs
  • 1. Implementing AI for Personalization and Customer Support
    2. Chatbot Development and Integration
    3. Predictive Analytics for Marketing Campaigns
  • 1. Voice Search Optimization
    2. Video Marketing and Live Streaming
  • 1. Understanding User Touchpoints and Customer Journeys
    2. Implementing Attribution Models for Marketing Channels
    3. Analyzing Cross-Device Conversions

Business Case Studies

Netflix: Personalized Content Recommendations

Netflix is a leading streaming platform that leverages AI algorithms to deliver personalized content recommendations to its users.


  • Enhance user engagement and retention through tailored content suggestions.
  • Optimize the user interface for seamless content discovery and viewing experience.

Spotify: Personalized Music Recommendations

Spotify, a popular music streaming service, uses AI to curate personalized playlists and recommend new music to users.


  • Increase user satisfaction and time spent on the platform through tailored music suggestions.
  • Optimize the UI for easy navigation and discovery of new music.

Sephora: Virtual Artist and Personalized

Sephora, a cosmetics retailer, integrated AI and AR technology to enhance the online shopping experience.


  • Improve the online shopping experience by allowing customers to virtually try on products.
  • Deliver personalized product recommendations based on individual preferences.

Capstone Projects

Content Marketing Campaign for a Health & Wellness Brand

For this project, we will strategize and execute a comprehensive content marketing campaign tailored for a prominent Health & Wellness brand. Our focus will be on creating informative, engaging, and relevant content across various channels. This includes blogs, infographics, videos, and social media updates.

Social Media Marketing Campaign for a New Product Launch

In this project, our objective is to orchestrate a dynamic social media marketing campaign to introduce a brand-new product to the market. Through carefully crafted content, including posts, stories, and videos, we'll build excitement and curiosity around the product.

Social Media Influencer Campaign for a Fashion E-commerce Brand

This project involves executing a strategic influencer marketing campaign tailored for a Fashion E-commerce brand. Our goal is to extend the brand's reach and enhance its credibility by collaborating with influencers in the fashion and lifestyle niche. Through authentic and engaging content creation, these influencers will showcase the brand's products to their engaged follower base. 

Program Takeaway's

  • Mastery of Digital Marketing Strategies
  • UX/UI Design Principles and Best Practices
  • Wireframing and Prototyping
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity Awareness
  • User-Centered Design Thinking
  • Conversion Optimization and Analytics
  • Content Creation , Copywriting and Marketing
  • A/B Testing and Iterative Design
  • Visual Design Skills 
  • Project Management Skills
  • Client Interaction and Presentation Skills
  • Harnessing AI for Enhanced Digital Marketing Strategies and UI/UX Design

Toolbox Mastery: Empowering Digital Success with Industry-Standard Tools!

Benefits of taking this course?

Expert Guidance

Access to experienced instructors and industry professionals who provide in-depth knowledge and practical insights.

Hands-On Learning

Opportunities for practical exercises, projects, and workshops to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with a community of like-minded individuals, fellow learners, and professionals, creating potential collaborations and job opportunities.

Assignments & Quizzes  

Build a strong portfolio showcasing your skills and projects, essential for attracting potential clients or employers.

Case Studies & Capstone Projects 

Apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios for a deeper understanding. Apply all learned concepts in a final capstone project. 

Portfolio Development 

Build a strong portfolio showcasing your skills and projects, essential for attracting potential clients or employers. Showcase your skills and creativity by working on a substantial, portfolio-worthy project.

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Frequently asked questions

A digital marketing course is designed to teach skills essential for online advertising and promotion. It covers platforms like social media, search engines, email, and content marketing. Participants learn technical tools, strategic planning, ethical considerations, and business insights. The course aims to equip individuals with expertise in digital platforms, content creation, analytics, and effective marketing strategies, enabling them to succeed in the dynamic online marketing realm.

Students can expect to learn digital platform mastery, technical skills in analytics and SEO, content creation, marketing strategy development, online advertising techniques, email and social media marketing, mobile marketing strategies, and ethical considerations. The course prepares them to plan, execute, and analyze effective digital marketing campaigns, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the online marketing landscape.

Yes, after completing the Digital marketing course at LevelUp, you will receive a certificate of completion. Additionally, we will help you prepare for other certification exams if required

The course is structured to cover digital marketing fundamentals, technical tools, and practical skills. It includes modules on digital platforms, content creation, marketing strategy, advertising techniques, SEO, email, and social media marketing. Emphasis is placed on analytics, ethical considerations, and real-world applications through case studies and projects. Students are assessed through exams and assignments, often earning a certification upon completion.